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What not to do in order to keep your car in good condition

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We all know that feeling we experience when the car simply does not want to start, or when it seems to be drowning or stumbles on the road, poor thing. In that feeling we find together emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and compassion for our own money, because repairs are never cheap, especially when the car is rented and must pay damages.

Well, it is important to know that we too, in some cases, are to blame for the suffering of our car and our own, for that matter. So here are a few things to avoid if we want to have a car in good condition.

Rare oil change

Depending on car’s type, the manufacturer recommends a certain period at which engine oil should be changed. A suitable range would be 5000 kilometers for those who use the car for the average annual turnovers, and even faster for those who use to drive a lot.

Stepping on the clutch when waiting

Keeping the clutch fixed in the floor when waiting at traffic lights is the best way to damage it. And the repairs are not at all cheap, regardless of the type of car you drive.

Permanent pressing on the brakes on downhill

When going down on long slopes, is good to know that a permanent pressing of the brakes eventually fails and wears out the brake pads. The most appropriate way is to use engine braking and only pressing the foot brakes from time to time.

Switching from the reverse gear without prior stopping

When you reverse, it is recommended to stop the car on the spot before moving into first gear, to extend the life of the transmission. Even though sometimes we are all in a rush, the proper functioning of the car should still come first.

Failure to use the parking brake when stationary

While it is true that putting the car in first gear or reverse when stationary stops it from moving, you should do this only after you pull the parking brake (handbrake). Doing this, you avoid letting the entire car’s weight on the transmission, which will eventually fail.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful, especially since we all have such bad habits. If we care for the car that serves us every day, or if we don’t save money for mechanics every other month, we should seek and pay more attention to auto specialists’ recommendations.

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