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Useful automotive terms

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Not everyone has a lot of automotive terms in their vocabulary. Whether you are not passionate about it or you have not had the opportunity to learn a lot of mechanics, the reason is irrelevant. However, what it is relevant is that when you drive your own car or want to rent one, regardless of brand or model, is very important to possess as much knowledge as possible about this domain.

We chose some of the terms used in auto dictionary to compile the list below, and we hope to help you enrich your general knowledge about automotive industry.

ABS: or Antilock Braking System, which means that this is a system that helps the car to avoid locking the wheels when braking. Due to ABS, the driver does not lose the control of the steering wheel on slippery areas, because this system acts directly on each wheel, adjusting the braking force to the area on which they run.

Verge: it’s the boundary area between the limit of the driving area and the edges of the road platform.

ACC:Adaptive Cruise Control is a system that adapts to the varying speeds of other road users and adjusts the distance between vehicles.

Reversible lane: it is a lane located near the axis of the road, which, depending on the traffic intensity, is used for traffic in one way or another.

Octane value: is a number that measures the resistance of gasoline to premature ignition. The higher the octane rating, the less is the probability of a detonation.

Proxy holder: the person who uses a rented vehicle or one obtained under a lease.

ESP: stands for Electronic Stability Program, which represents the system trying to keep a car steady on the road when slipping, by targeted breaking of each wheel.

Halogen Headlight: unlike standard headlights, they provide more light and longer use.

Transmission: it is the system through which engine power is transmitted to the wheels.

Single cylinder: refers to the internal combustion engines that only have one cylinder.

Axle: is the shaft which has two end spindles on which are mounted the wheels of a car.

Contaminant: pollutants emanating from vehicle engine.

Emission: they are also known in Europe as the Non-Euro, Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 etc, and refer to the emissions resulting from the use of internal combustion engines.

Poly-Ellipsoid-System (PES): it refers to the headlights of which light is projected on the street with an elliptical reflector. The advantage of this system is to design a low height of the light beam in very good light condition.

We hope that the above terms will be useful and will help you in handling various situations that you will encounter in the future with the car you drive.

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