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Tips on how to drive safely – part 1

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Every time we climb behind the wheel, the safety of the passengers, of other road users and ourselves should be our first concern. Arranging our hair in the mirrors should wait until we put our seat belt on and make sure everything else is okay before hitting the road.

Preventive driving is the main way we can avoid a potential disaster that could disrupt our lives forever or cause major damage. Although we often feel like never bad can happen to us, a second of distraction is enough for things to change radically.

Below, we have some tips on how to make sure that you drive safely once you hit the road.

Eat before departure

If you are facing a long way to go, it is best to eat well before you go. Although coffee may provide a feeling of rest and increase of attention, its effect will diminish quickly and your concentration will decrease.

Take breaks

At least once at every two hours, a 10 minutes break will regenerate your energy and make you feel refreshed. Even 20-30 minutes of sleep could help you a lot in returning to your full capacity.

Share the driving with someone else

If it’s possible, of course, share the driving with at least another person. This way you will not get tired and you can rest without losing time. If you are alone, however, turning the music loud and cracking open the window to let fresh air go inside could help keep you focus.

Park off the road

If you must stop, do it somewhere where you have the opportunity to take the car completely out of the road. In this way, you’ll eliminate the chances of a collision. Of course, assuming that is not the case of an emergency and you can choose where to stop.

Do not use the phone while driving

Talking on the phone is tremendously distracting your attention from the road, in addition to being illegal. If you must speak, use headphones.

Do not consume alcohol

It’s pretty obvious why. No drunk driving!

Watch the weather

If you can postpone your trip, do not go on the road in bad weather. You’ll lose time, fuel and may even be dangerous.

Keep up with traffic reports

Listening to radio traffic information or searching it with your smartphone may save you from congestions, road works, and any kind of blocks or speed radars.

More tips on how to drive safely you can find in part 2 of this article.

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