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How to keep our car safe

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protejarea masinii

Of course, I refer to protection against thieves, a problem that has not yet disappeared from our society, despite the modern measures taken by many car manufacturers by installing various anti-burglar systems on the cars they produce. However, it’s us, the drivers, who create the opportunity for someone to steal from our car or to damage it.

Here are a few tips about how to take better care of our car and the things we keep in it.

Always assume that thieves want to steal our car

Sometimes they do want this, so it’s better to just watch out. We always need to be careful where we park. We have to choose a busy and well lighted area, avoiding the dark corners where a thief could operate undisturbed. In addition, we can choose things like steering wheel locks or alarm systems, which will discourage a thief.

Hiding valuables

The biggest mistake is to leave valuables in plain sight. Things like expensive phones, wallets or money should never be visible from outside the car. We can hide them in the glove compartment, orin the trunk, but the best is to take it away from the car.

Keeping a neat interior

Things like clothes, towels or other such things thrown inside the car give the impression of valuable stuff hidden underneath, which can arouse one’s desire to get into the car. Even if there are no valuables, the damage from a broken window or a broken lock is important. A car with a tidy interior, with no valuables in sight,is less likely to get robbed.

Parking ourselves when possible

I refer here to the valet service provided by some hotels. Although these people are usually to be trusted, it is recommended either to park ourselves if possible, either to not leave any valuables in the car. Strangers in your car are never a good sign, arethey?

Smart renting

When we need the service of a rental, we need to consider some things. First, it would be better to rent safer car models, which are not so easy to break into, and with a large trunk, big enough to fit our things. Be careful with convertibles, for example. Second, is best never to leave the leasein the car, as if the car is stolen, we will have great need of this document that contains important information.

Ultimately, it comes down to the actual temptations we offer these people, so the most important thing is to have great care with valuables left in plain sight and with the places we choose to park overnight.

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