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How to drive safely in urban environment

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Defensive driving courses are perhaps among the most important things we learn in driving school. By following the advices of trainers on preventive behavior behind the wheel we can protect ourselves, the passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

Within cities, the lessons on defensive driving are even more important, as there are many more dangerous situations than outside cities. Unforeseen situations can occur anywhere at any time, but can be avoided by adopting a preventive behavior.

No matter how well we think we master the car we drive, we must never forget that we can’t control the things around us. And everything becomes even more difficult when driving a car that we don’t know very well, such as a rental car.

Here are some tips on preventive driving in the cities:

- Respecting the speed limit may just be the most important rule of all. It is much easier to stop the car when running with 40 km/h, rather than 80 km/h.

- Maximum attention on pedestrian crossings. The most dangerous are the ones that are not signaled with traffic lights.

- Beware of cars running next to you on roads with multiple lanes. Whenever you want to change the lane, make sure that you can do it safely and signal your intent.

- You must be aware at all times of the things around you, by looking into mirrors. Always be aware of the cars around you, in order to be prepared for a possible sudden maneuver, if necessary.

- Never hit the brakes suddenly, except when this in necessary to avoid a collision. Within cities a sudden stop may cause an accident with the car behind you.

- When driving on a road with several lanes, you should avoid driving next to cars on other lanes. You have to leave room for a possible obstacle avoidance maneuver, if necessary.

These are just some of the multiple tips that you should keep in mind when driving within cities. We invite you to complete the list in comments below.


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