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About the danger of texting while driving

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texting while driving

We are all aware that once we climb behind the wheel and head into traffic, we automatically submit ourselves to the risk of having an accident. The same can be said for riding the bike or for walking on the sidewalk, though. Accident risks exist and we cannot do anything about that. However, we can minimize them through defensive driving and especially by giving up on the cell phone while driving.

Studies conducted in U.S traffic revealed some shocking statistics regarding the maximization of accident risks by using the phone. Although the study was conducted in U.S, I see no reason why its results can’t be applied to any other country.

In 2011, about 23% of road accidents involved the use of mobile phones. This percentage means that about 1.3 million car accidents were caused exclusively by the use of these devices.

When texting while driving our attention is diverted for at least 5 seconds, which means that at the speed of 80-90 km/h we travel a distance equal to the length of a football field without even looking at the road.

Texting increases the risks of car accidents by 23%, dialing by 2.8%, talking on the phone by 1.3% and reaching for the device by 1.4%.

13% of the drivers aged between 18-20 years old admitted using the cell phone at the time of their accidents.

77% of young adults are very confident that they can drive safely while texting and 55% of them think it is easy to text while driving. It seems nobody believes something bad can happen until it does. It’s a problem we all have, unfortunately.

Young people who text while driving are spending 10% of the time outside the lane they should be in.

Adults are not providing a better example either. 48% of young drivers have seen their parents talking on the phone while driving, 15% adults have been seen texting by their children, 48% of children aged between 12-17 years old were in the car while the driver was texting and 27% of adults sent or received texts while in traffic.

These figures are provided by textinganddrivingsafety.com.

The statistics are alarming and should give us all something to think about, regardless of age and experience. Drive safely.


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