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About the danger of texting while driving

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texting while driving

We are all aware that once we climb behind the wheel and head into traffic, we automatically submit ourselves to the risk of having an accident. The same can be said for riding the bike or for walking on the sidewalk, though. Accident risks exist and we cannot do anything[...]

How to drive safely in urban environment

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Defensive driving courses are perhaps among the most important things we learn in driving school. By following the advices of trainers on preventive behavior behind the wheel we can protect ourselves, the passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

Cluj Guesthouse in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

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Where else to stay in Cluj if not at Cluj Guesthouse? The 3-stars accommodations unit is located close to the historical and cultural city center, offering its customers comfort, tranquility, privacy and a pleasant atmosphere at affordable prices.

Tips on how to drive safely – part 2

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conducerea preventiva

In the first part of this article we started listing a few tips on how to drive safely on the roads of Romania and abroad, in order to make sure nothing dangerous will happen to you or your loved ones during your journey. The list continues below so if you[...]

Tips on how to drive safely – part 1

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conducerea preventiva

Every time we climb behind the wheel, the safety of the passengers, of other road users and ourselves should be our first concern. Arranging our hair in the mirrors should wait until we put our seat belt on and make sure everything else is okay before hitting the road. Preventive[...]

How to keep our car safe

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protejarea masinii

Of course, I refer to protection against thieves, a problem that has not yet disappeared from our society, despite the modern measures taken by many car manufacturers by installing various anti-burglar systems on the cars they produce. However, it’s us, the drivers, who create the opportunity for someone to steal[...]

Villa Parc in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

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Villa Parc is among the newest accommodation units in Cluj-Napoca, built in early 2010. The 3-stars accommodation unit awaits its guests with modern furnishings, large rooms, quality services and professionalism. Villa Parc has 9 comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, a dining room for 20 people and parking in the yard.[...]

Useful automotive terms

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termeni utili masina

Not everyone has a lot of automotive terms in their vocabulary. Whether you are not passionate about it or you have not had the opportunity to learn a lot of mechanics, the reason is irrelevant. However, what it is relevant is that when you drive your own car or want[...]

What not to do in order to keep your car in good condition

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mentenanta masina

We all know that feeling we experience when the car simply does not want to start, or when it seems to be drowning or stumbles on the road, poor thing. In that feeling we find together emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and compassion for our own money, because repairs[...]

Bed and breakfast in Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Mioval Guesthouse in Cluj is the perfect solution for those looking for quality accommodation at affordable prices. With a very good price-quality ratio, the guesthouse offers accommodation in 2 or 3 stars rooms, depending on your preferences.